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The Quicken Loans Q-cyclopedia in Cleveland

Mili Pradhan was a summer intern at Quicken Loans Cleveland office this past summer and one of the finalists for our DIFF Intern contest.  She sent in this post about her summer with us.  We wish her well as she finishes her degree. Great post Mili and good luck in the future!

By Mili Pradhan

It was a busy Friday afternoon as I was driving down Mayfield road, anxiously waiting for the light to turn green. My anxiety broke to my phone ringing as I picked it up to look at the caller ID; my heart skipped a beat.

I had memorized this number and realized that it was Stephanie Toma from Quicken Loans. I answered the phone with a calm tone but could not maintain that same tone when she offered me the summer internship position at Quicken Loans. After a brief chat, I accepted the job and immediately sped home to tell my family.

From the day I received that phone call till now, I could list all the wonderful things I have experienced. I could name all the influential people that have allowed me to have a different outlook on my career. But there is however one person who affected me profoundly, Jonathon Fister the Cleveland regional trainer.

Jonathan exemplifies one of Benjamin Franklin’s famous quotes “he that can have patience, can have what he will.” From the first day Jonathon started the continuing education training he helped us individually achieve our goals of being the best.

From enjoying sushi for lunch to giving us tricks and tips for our new position, Jonathon always had passion and energy for his job.  There were times during training when I wondered how he put up with my millions of questions. He never complained and most importantly always explained each question with a smile even if they were asked more than once. I always wondered how he always seemed to know the answer to everything and explain it in words that everyone could understand.

Jonathon is like a friend when you need him and a teacher when you need to learn. He really is a walking Q-cyclopedia (that would be an encyclopedia of Quicken Loans knowledge and information).

Other than Jonathon, the Cleveland training team consists of some of the best colleagues I have ever worked with. They have taught me countless things such as hard work, passion and devotion all of which I will carry with me through my future endeavors. They go through the same training cycle with all the new employees and yet they never seem to be tired of it. I think that the training team should be re-named the new DIFF-Team. (editor’s note:  sorry Mili, but there can be only one DIFF Team!)

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