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Stephen Colbert: A Different Kind of Candidate

Colbert Nation

His website lists his fantasies as:

Astronaut License

Attend Hogwarts

Hunt Man

Golf with Nixon

Wrestle Manilow

Try Appletini

I’m not sure what your favorite Presidential candidate fantasizes about or that they would even disclose their list, but that’s my favorite. And he’s running as both a Republican and Democrat, so I don’t even have to choose a party affiliation.

He’s Stephen Tyrone Colbert and he announced his candidacy for out great nation’s Presidential race last week on his nightly news show, "The Colbert Report."

Moments before, on Jon Stewart’s "The Daily Show," when asked if he was running, he said he was saving his announcement for a better show….turned out to be his own. I really enjoy both Colbert and Stewart – I won’t choose a favorite, but I do prefer them to the regular 11:00pm nightly news. There’s even talk that Colbert may choose Stewart as his running partner, but I think that will only happen if Vladimir Putin turns him down.

I never really professed my fanaticism until I read the article he wrote in the NY Times about 2 weeks ago. My father loves the Times and makes a special trip every Sunday to get it. I knew I had to make him read it. The article Colbert wrote had tears running down my face, I was laughing so hard. It’s short, but each sentence packs more punch that the last.

He’s officially inspired me to buy his book – "I am America (And So Can You)!" I might even sign the petition to help him make it land on the list for Oprah’s Book Club.

I’m not sure how he’ll do in the race for White House, as of now, he’s only running in South Carolina. But I plan to keep up with him, watch him poke other candidates, dare the press, ask the tough questions we’re all secretly thinking and maybe even make a difference. I’d love to see him debate – in a letter to fans on his site, he notes that he is 2nd-place finisher at the 1981 Charleston County High-School Debate Tournament. Must have been a tough crowd.   

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  1. He’s no Mitt Romney but he’d come in a close 2nd.

    Posted by: Jimmy | October 25, 2007
  2. Kelly, it’s really fun being here in South Carolina as he’s running in both races. He’s a South Carolina native (hence the debate win), and so this whole thing is really brightening the news these days. I loved the quote from him about running for both parties, “…to see what it’s like to lose twice.”
    I, too, picked up his book, if only because he gave himself his own self-titled award. Complete with a silver seal that mimics the Caldecot. I love that!

    Posted by: Christy | October 26, 2007
  3. Thanks Christy! Keep me updated on what he’s doing in SC.
    It will be interesting to watch him run. He’s certainly not a traditional candidate, but I truly think he’ll make a difference.
    He was going over the Republican and Democratic party applications on his show and talking about the different fees involved with running for President.
    He noted that there is a $25,000 fee to run as a Republican and only $2,500 to run as a Democrat. How messed up is that? Why is it more expensive to run as a Republican? How many good leaders can’t run because of exorbitant fees? It brings up so many good questions. It’s things that like that he will expose to the public that are messed up about the system.
    Traditional media wouldn’t dream of doing the stuff he’ll do.

    Posted by: Kelly | October 26, 2007
  4. Though it may seem this is just a comical, sarcastic stunt by Stephen Colbert, it probably makes him the perfect candidate to run for president. Hopefully his antics and ridiculousness will shed some light on the theatrical money and popularity contest that is an American presidential campaign. It’s not about the smartest or most experienced man (or woman) winning—it’s about who can put on the best show, and Colbert will probably put on a pretty darn good one.

    Posted by: The Kauf | October 26, 2007
  5. Did you know he’s refusing to pay the money to run as a Democrat? Instead, there’s a petition option. If he gets 3,000 South Carolina residents to sign, he can get around the $2,500. You can go to Colbert08.com to sign.

    Posted by: Mike | October 28, 2007
  6. I remember in ’04, the jokes about John Stewart running for President with Colbert as VP. I like watching them too, especially in an election year. He definitely makes the other candidates squirm.

    Posted by: Sarah | October 28, 2007
  7. Colbert rocks!!!!

    Posted by: Jamie | October 28, 2007
  8. I think it’s great that Quicken Loans writes about things like this on their blog.
    This blog is much more open-minded than I would expect from a major financial “institution.”
    Keep up the good work and keep writing about things that make people think.
    I have to say I’m very impressed.

    Posted by: Frank Williams | October 28, 2007
  9. Going off of what Chris said…
    My personal theory is that he is running to cancel out as many votes as he can from people who only vote for the publicity of it. I personally think that when Colbert isn’t in character he is a very level-headed individual. He knows he won’t win. He doesn’t want to win. He knows the type of people who actually vote for him (whether it be on the ballot in SC, or through write-ins else where) are the same type of people who vote for presidents only because they are easily impressionable…
    However, as I look at the Colbert facebook group (a group that reached 1 million members in less than a month, a number far greater than any other candidate I can find on there), I can’t help but wonder if there is seriousness towards our right to vote that is lost by his running.
    Just look at the discussion board in that group, with topics like “stereotype the person above you,” and “in one word, tell me why Canada is better than the U.S.” At some point, it stops being satirical, and starts to damage our perception of things.
    Some may argue the presidential election was already turning into a joke. But in a year with the most diverse running class ever seen by our country, a year that has the potential to drive people to the polls who have never thought of going before, it is a little bit sad that there is someone reinforcing a negative election perception to people who may have considered voting for the first time ever.
    “I was going to vote this year, but the whole thing just turned into a joke.”
    It is a little bit dangerous. The problem is, it is also a little bit funny.

    Posted by: Mark | October 30, 2007
  10. Sadly, Colbert has dropped from the Presidential race.
    “I want to say to my supporters, this is not over,” Colbert said. “While I may accept the decision of the Council, the fight goes on! The dream endures! … And I am going off the air until I can talk about this without weeping.”

    Posted by: Kelly | November 5, 2007
  11. And he’ll be off the air for, what? Five seconds? ;-)
    How far did you get in the book, Kelly? So much of what he says is just so… unexpected… Too much so, though, because after about 20 pages I could pretty much guess his stance on anything. ;-)
    Oh, well! it was fun while it lasted!

    Posted by: Christy | November 6, 2007

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