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An inch makes a world of difference

by Mark Smith

An inch makes a world of difference!

josh's golf inchYou know how swanky golf outings go – you show up, you play as well as you can… And the whole time,  you envy the hole in one lavish giveaways. And these giveaways are always items like trips to areas most of us only dream of going or for vehicles which we can’t even phathom the monthly payments.

Exactly was the case a few months back when three poor souls got stuck with me to round out their foursome. Throughout the day two things were constant, my poor swing and Josh (a pretty solid golfer in my Group) talking about how he was going to sink the hole in 1 shot to win the brand new Toyota FJ bohemoth of a truck. As the day went on, Josh eyed the truck every time we rounded the hole and the landscape gave him a glimpse of the 4-wheel prize.

Finally we reached the hole, and parked as regally as a king would sit upon his throne was Josh’s FJ… At this point, Josh had the three of us thoroughly convinced he would indeed win it with an ace on the hole. Without hesitation, Josh stepped up to the Par 3 tee box, struck his ball as smooth as I’ve ever seen, and posed with club in hand staring at a ball destined to do Josh’s bidding of nothing less than landing in the hole.

The ball began as planned and seemed to be magnatized to the hole. It struck one inch from the hole – the crowd cheered- it hopped with a jolt – the crowd stared – and immediately came to rest with the precisely timed "Awwwww" of the crowd. Josh quickly realized that the difference of one inch was exactly the insurmountable distance between his hand and the keys to the brand new FJ!

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  1. You know, I almost completely forgot about this shot. It was hard enough to get over it then and now it’s all coming back to me. Looking back I realize that I was more stunned that I almost hit a hole-in-one rather than almost winning a new car. Even though I missed that hole-in-one, if it had gone in I think I would’ve been more excited that I had ‘done’ something exceptional (hole-in-one) rather than had ‘won’ something exceptional (the car). To sum it up, the ‘diff’ in the inches around us should reflect the things we “do” and not the things we receive…but I wouldn’t have complained if I had a new car as a result :)

    Posted by: Josh | October 2, 2007

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