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Grilled Cheese Wednesdays are back!

Grilled Cheese Wednesday is Back at Quicken LoansAfter a long hiatus, Grilled Cheese Wednesday returned this week and man, was it a tasty break in our workday.

Grill Master Lea Puckett manned the electric table grill and cooked those babies to a crispy-brown that reminded me of Michigan cider mill donuts (I’m sorry if you’ve never had cider mill donuts). 

And the taste.  The cheese melted in my mouth and filled my palate with a heavenly essence that would most certainly make Chef Emeril Lagasse say "BAM!"

And best of all, we raised money for a Texas kindergarten class that needed some character building books but had no budget. 

Never fear kiddies, Grilled Cheese Wednesdays is here!

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  1. cheese rules the world.

    Posted by: king of cheesy | October 8, 2007
  2. If I donate to the kids, can I get a sandwhich shipped to me?

    Posted by: Mark | October 8, 2007

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