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My hobby is my liberation

my hobby-dog jerseyAs a kid I always thought it was dumb that my mom sat down in the cold basement with a loud scratchy radio and humming sound of a sewing machine. I didn’t understand the importance of sewing to her. I mean how fun can sewing really be? It is tedious, annoying and very time consuming. It wasn’t until 23 years later I realized that sewing was my mom’s escape, her place, and something she enjoyed doing, it was her hobby. To me having a hobby meant collection coins, going to different shows and trading items, making cars or planes. Things like that…Arts and crafts just reminded me of something women to do keep busy during the day.

Sitting on my couch last Sunday afternoon it sank in… I wanted a hobby, I wanted to have my own little quirk and thing that gave me somewhere and something to do when I had a bad day. I wanted to do what my mom and her mom had done for years. I wanted to sew. Never before had the urge to sew on my own be so profound.

Jo-Ann fabrics is 10 min away so I hopped in my car and bought fabrics, patterns, wreaths, anything to keep me busy and get started. A royal blue Detroit Lions dog jersey, size XS was the first project on my list.

Learning how to sew on a foreign machine with no one instructing me what to do was a bit scary. In a way, it was liberating. Cutting my patterns was easy, pinning them and cutting the fabric was too. But then I realized holy crap my mom isn’t here to tell me how to sew this thing together; I need to actually read the instructions. I did exactly that. I read the instructions and made what I would call “a pretty darn cute jersey.” Was it perfect? No, but it was mine. And I did it by myself, tomorrow I think I will start on my new set of living room curtains.

So why am I sitting here telling you about my sewing adventures and new profound love for sewing? Because sewing gave me a new frame of mind and appreciation for having a hobby, and I don’t mean watching TV every night or going to the bar for happy hour as a hobby. I’m talking about something challenging that gets your brain moving and mind thinking in new ways. Think about all the men and women who have the same routine, sleep, eat and work. There is no time for play especially if you have children and a busy work load. My mom figured it all out, she knew that without her sewing and projects she might go crazy dedicating herself soley to her family and work… forgetting about herself.

Having a hobby is the DIFF. It’s the difference between doing something challenging at work or at the house and truly doing something you love for yourself. More people should dig deep and remember what it was like to have a hobby as a kid. Maybe you collected matchbox cars like my brother, maybe it was building model airplanes or playing dress ups. You did those hobbies because you loved them. Take some time out to discover a new hobby, and include your family. Exercising, sewing, painting, collecting something, knitting, and ceramics, the possibilities are endless. Open your mind and rest your aching feet at the end of the day with a hobby that can give you positive satisfaction and the peace and quiet time you need to unwind from the boring everyday routine.

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  1. Hey Laura – Congrats on finding sewing as a hobby! Be sure to give quilting a try if you stick with sewing!

    Posted by: The Happy Quilter | October 11, 2007
  2. Here’s a thought from the Good Life Almanac to keep some perspective on success “No man is the whole of himself. His friends are the rest of him. “

    Posted by: Forbes Good Life | August 25, 2008

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