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One Laptop Per Child – Give 1, Get 1

XO laptop

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Toss in a charitable contribution and helping school children in under-served countries and you’ve got a win-win-win situation for all.

One Laptop Per Child is a non-profit organization building and delivering laptops to under-served countries all over the world. OLPC was founded by Nicholas Negroponte, an MIT professor who does not consider this a laptop project. He knows this is a project founded on education.

The compact XO laptop is built for less than $200 and still has all the snazzy technology you wouldn’t expect for such a small price. It features a keyboard that switches between languages, a digital video camera, wireless connection and Linux based operating software tailored for remote regions. The wireless range of the XO is several times longer than your average laptop. It’s also more rugged, resilient and power efficient than most other laptops. It even has a display that allows the screen to switch from black and white viewing for direct sunlight to full color for indoor viewing – a feature not even on available on my fancy new laptop.

On its site, OLPC says that “Most of the nearly two–billion children in the developing world are inadequately educated or receive no education at all. One in three does not complete the fifth grade.” Most children are never given the opportunity that a computer can provide – to tap into the world and to contribute back to the world too. Computers encourage the independent thinking that some of these children would not otherwise learn.

As of right now, you can make a DIFF by buying a laptop to be shipped to a child in need for $200. OLPC has seen demand in the US for people to purchase their own XO laptop. That’s where their new deal comes in – “Give 1, Get 1.” Starting November 12, you can get two laptops for $399 – one will be shipped directly to you and one will be shipped to another child in need. Two laptops for a price half what you would normally pay AND you get to be the DIFF? Sounds like a darn good deal to me.

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