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Silly String Saving Lives

An Eye Opening Experience

I never imagined the cans of colorful fun I sprayed in my brother’s face would someday be used across the world to protect the lives of US Soldiers who fought to keep me safe everyday.

Turns out, a very dedicated soldier’s mom did a silly string drive and managed to gather over 80,000 cans to send to Iraq. Marcelle Shriver from New Jersey took a simple request from her son and was able to make a big difference for the troops.

Soldiers can shoot silly string about 10-12 feet into a room before entering. If it hangs in mid-air, it indicates there are trip wires inside and the soldiers should not enter. These wires are typically invisible to the naked eye.

Since the string is in an aerosol can, Shriver is working with Capacity LLC, a shipping company in NJ able to inspect and ship potentially hazardous materials, to transport the boxes to Iraq.

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  1. God Bless Our Troops.

    Posted by: Matthew LaVaute | October 17, 2007
  2. Kelly, do you happen to know an address or a place someone could send a silly string donation? Somebody may want to know…

    Posted by: Kriste | October 19, 2007
  3. Best people to get in touch with would be the the company that is actually able to ship them to Iraq. It’s Capacity LLC in NJ. They are located at 1112 Corporate Rd., North Brunswick, NJ 08902. Phone is (732) 745-7770. Website is http://www.CapacityLLC.com

    Posted by: KelL | October 19, 2007
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