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Getting positive with Greg Bowens

Get positive with Greg Bowens and Quicken LoansI’ve know Greg Bowens for more than 25 years. We went to Cass Tech together in downtown Detroit and I worked with Greg for a short time when he was the press secretary for former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer. Oh, how I long for the days of such high caliber leadership in Detroit. Archer was one of the good ones.  Trust me on that.

Anyway, no sense in crying over past mayors. Let’s deal with today.

That is exactly what Greg does in his blog "get positive with me" (the pic of the windmills is from his blog – keep reading and you’ll understand what it’s all about).

Greg launched the blog last month and he writes about the power of being positive (something we agree with at Quicken Loans) and how keeping a good outlook on life is extremely important.

He most recent entry "Chasing Windmills" calls Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm’s recent push to have local manufacturers create windmill parts in an effort to harness natural power and Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert’s announcement to move his headquarters downtown "quixotic."  (you know, Don Quixote, Man of la Mancha, Cervantes, etc…)

Here’s how Greg introduces his quixotic comparison:

To be quixotic is to undertake an idealistic quest against great odds.

And what’s wrong with that?

The thought, the mission, the passion for Don Quixote’s charge sprang to life in Michigan recently. Two people, in different places and at different times have charged into the windmills of public conscience with what critics call their own quixotic actions.

Greg’s previous post is about Veterans Day and how we celebrate the end of one of mankind’s most deadly wars, WWI.  Greg calls Veterans Day a day of peace.  Like me, he’s a military veteran and I can really appreciate his view. It’s a shame that sometimes peace is so much harder to achieve than war. 

I hope this blog lasts a while and gets some good readership.  Greg’s experience in journalism (former gigs with the Detroit News, Crain’s Detroit Business, Auto News, etc.) really shows in his writing.  This isn’t just the ramblings of a guy calling for folks to be positive. It’s great writing and professional in all ways except one – he’s doing it for free.

So check out his blog.  If you agree (or disagree), join the conversation.  Greg is happy to hear from you.

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  1. Wow! I discovered whatsthediff.com while applying for a job at Quicken and have been a fan ever since! I love the positive atmosphere reflected in the site and I really enjoy the example Dan Gilbert sets for all to see. His excitement and positive energy are inspiring. You folks are really lucky to work in an environment that cultivates an atmosphere where anything is possible and impossible is nothing!
    Whatsthediff.com reflects that attitude well and serves as a fountain of great ideas and outlooks that I check out often. Keep up the great work!

    Posted by: Greg Bowens | December 4, 2007

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