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Honoring our Veterans: Honor Flight Michigan

World War II Memorial

It’s estimated that over 1,000 Americans who fought in World War II die everyday. In an attempt to honor and awe the remaining Veterans in Metro Detroit, a local couple from West Bloomfield, Dave & Carole Cameron have piloted an effort to send WWII Veterans to the National World War II Memorial located in Washington DC on an all expenses paid one day trip.

It’s called Honor Flight Michigan and it’s a non-profit organization that was formed to send all WWII Veterans to see their memorial, which was built in 2004.

The Veterans don’t pay for a thing on the organized trip – they’re shuttled to Metro Airport, flown to DC, trekked around to the memorials and even receive breakfast, lunch and a disposable camera to take pictures.

According to Honor Flight Michigan’s website, "The Memorial didn’t open to the public till 2004 when the youngest of WWII vets were pushing 80.  Today, only 3 million of the 16 million who served are still alive.Time is running out to pay them one last tribute and treat them like heroes again if only for 1 day."

What an awesome way to honor some people who did so much for our country. For information on their events or how to donate, check out www.HonorFlightMichigan.com. Anyone aware of any other cool ways to honor our Veterans? Don’t forget, Veterans Day is November 11.

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  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing this. I had heard of a similar program elsewhere but had no idea there was a local program.

    Posted by: Robin | November 12, 2007
    By Jeff Summar, copyright 11-02-2007
    Every person in America knows a veteran. A veteran is anyone who has served in the armed forces. Your neighbor, your teacher, your father, mother, grandfather and yes even your grandmother may be a war veteran. Your relationship to a veteran could be one of friendship or a relative. Especially in the American culture, we have veterans that have served not only in different wars, but in different areas of the military. Is there a way to honor such a diversity of people?
    The most effective way to honor all war veterans is to recognize the individual effort in the area in which they served. Often veteran gifts or plaques are generalized and not customized to the theater of service for the veteran. This is especially true with, the Korean War, (the forgotten war) and for those who served in Vietnam. We wanted to honor all our war veterans, all men and women who have dedicated their service to our great country. Our task was to ascertain a way that enables families and friends to honor veterans in the unique way that was relative to their service.
    Veterans Day is to honor American veterans, not just to honor the memory of a war veteran, but those who served and survived their tour of duty. However, is one day in the year enough for the countless times they laid their life on the line to protect our country? Veterans didn’t just give their time for one day, but each and everyday. Many of our American veterans dedicated their life to the service. Even today fathers, mothers, young men and women are doing their job everyday to protect American soil. At the end of their tours, they will be the new Veterans to honor.
    We felt our war veterans should be honored in a manner that showed their service and dedication on a daily basis. Often the services of a veteran go unnoticed for many reasons, but you as a friend or family member can now present a veteran gift that establishes recognition they deserve on the same daily basis they served for our country. We felt that veterans deserved more, and therefore created a gift that gives more! You can view our products online at the http://www.honorourwarveteran.com web site. A portion from the sale of these items goes directly to benefit the Disabled American Veterans.

    Posted by: Jeff Summar | November 12, 2007

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