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MGM Grand Detroit makes it right

MGM Grand, Detroit, MI by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

As children, we’re all reminded to “learn from our mistakes.” In business, you maintain the same policy, but it’s also recommended you take some measures to compensate those affected by your mistake and maybe even do a little something extra to make amends.

The fancy new MGM Grand, well versed in the business of hospitality, has done just that to “kiss & make up” with 4 local women, who stopped at the hotel/casino for dinner and found it difficult…well, darn near impossible to leave.

On their way to see the pricey “Lion King” at Detroit Opera House, the women got stuck in an MGM Grand elevator. A well known fear for many (including myself), the women would spend the next 2 hours trying to get help. The biggest mistake, already admitted by MGM Grand, was that the emergency button connected the women to the elevator manufacturer, which was based in Connecticut. The women tried several more times to get in touch with someone, cell phones failing and finally demanded that the manufacturer dial 911 in Detroit. Firefighters showed up in 5 minutes and broke the women free. Too late to make the “Lion King,” the women had forfeited nearly $800 in tickets while trapped in the elevator.

MGM has decided to make the emergency button connect straight to the hotel itself, where any pressing issues can be dealt with immediately by hotel staff. Hoping to help the women forgive and forget, MGM has secured them new tickets to the Lion King for them and a guest, also throwing in accommodations at the $299 a night hotel/casino and a limo to/from their newly planned, much more extravagant, make up evening out.

So, yes, we all make mistakes. It’s what you do following them that dictates what kind of person you are. Or in this case, what kind of business you run. MGM Grand has more than made up for their flub and in the process, has probably created 4 new lifelong customers. Customers who may avoid the elevators; but customers nonetheless.

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