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Staples Soul is the DIFF

Quicken Loans thinks Staples trucks are the DIFF.The other day the Kauf was driving down the freeway and noticed a sign on the back of a Staples truck claiming that Staples trucks never go over 60 mph in an effort to reduce fuel usage. 

Huh?  Did he read that right?

Yup, he did.

It’s part of the Staples Soul campaign. We like it!

From staples.com:

Staples SoulSM reflects our commitment to
corporate responsibility. It’s a holistic approach to business that
recognizes the close connection between our financial success and our
desire to make a positive impact on our associates, communities, and
the planet by joining together the following areas: diversity, the environment, our community, and ethics.
It’s how we do business—that’s Staples Soul. Learn more about Staples Soul in our latest corporate responsibility report.

The part of Staple Soul that has to do with reducing fuel is explained in this text taken from a pdf on the Staple Soul page:

Mike Payette, Fleet Manager at Staples, is committed to improving fuel economy and reducing harmful emissions within our transportation fleet. In the fall of 2006, Mike and his team modified the engine electronic control modules on the delivery trucks in our fleet to limit the maximum driving speed to 60 mph, which has increased our fleet’s fuel economy, decreased greenhouse gas emissions and reduced maintenance costs. Based on initial testing, Staples expects to realize the following improvements in fuel economy:

  • An increase from approximately 8.5 to 11 mpg for trucks delivering supplies
  • An increase from approximately 8 to 10.5 mpg for trucks delivering furniture
  • An overall improvement to fuel economy of 15 percent or more, which translates to an estimated fuel savings of more than 500,000 gallons of diesel annually.

That pretty sums it up.  Good job Staples. Your Staples Soul project is the DIFF!

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  1. What a bunch of feel-good, do little crap. So when I am trapped behind one of these stupid things on the highway, am I supposed to thank the Heavens that I am going below the speed limit to save the world?
    Less bleeding-heart, save-the-world topics and more Angry Ed posts…PLEASE!?!?

    Posted by: It Ain't EZ Being Green | December 21, 2007
  2. The inches we need are all around us! These little steps make a big difference to me, as a consumer. Thanks for the excellent post. This is the DIFF that we are always seeking.

    Posted by: Jim | December 24, 2007

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