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Why does the baggage service at Detroit Metro Airport seem like such a rip-off (of my tax money and airfare fees)?

Something stinks at Detroit Metro Airport and it isn’t fumes from burning jet fuel.

It’s the fact that Detroit Metro is the slowest airport I’ve ever been to (anywhere in the world) when it comes to waiting for baggage to be unloaded.

The other day I waited (at 1 in the morning) over an hour to get my bags after my US Airways flight from Charlotte to Detroit. It was a frustrating ending to a perfect vacation in beautiful St. Maarten (I’ll talk about that in a later post). 

What the heck is going on that makes it take an hour to unload bags from a plane?  How come they can do it in 15 minutes pretty much everywhere else?

It’s a shame that Detroit, the organized labor capital of the world, does such a poor job on a task like bagging handling.  I have no idea what the problem is.  Are there too few workers?  Are the workers just slow and apathetic?  To be honest I don’t care. I just don’t want to wait an hour for my luggage ever again.

I wish I could blame a particular airline, but it happens on all of them.  Northwest (which I fly the majority of the time) can somehow have my bags waiting for me when I get to Vegas but man, when I get back to Detroit, forget about it. 

I usually grab a cup of coffee, hit the rest room, take a nap, call some friends and family members, read the paper, and then, after all that, mosey on over to the luggage carousel (if I time it right I only have to stand there staring at the other passengers for another 15 minutes).

But understand, I’m not here to place blame. I’m just here asking for some help.  Please, if someone can do something to get our luggage to us quicker in Detroit, I beg you to do so.

I’d be happy to pay an extra 10 bucks a ticket so that the airlines can hire a few more folks to help unload planes that land in Detroit (if the problem is lack of workers). 

If the problem is lazy workers, someone needs to remind them what unions were all about – an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Not an honest day’s pay for making everyone wait an hour to get their damn luggage.

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  1. Totally agree! You can push through throngs of people in Vegas and only wait about 10 minutes to see your bags there. In Detroit, you sit in an empty room staring at the wall for over an hour before the conveyor starts moving. Even then, it’s probably bags from people who landed an hour before you. Some investigation must be done….

    Posted by: Kel | December 5, 2007
  2. Charlotte’s airport is just as bad. Trust me, that’s why I always want to plan ahead and fly out of Greenville instead!
    Seriously, I wonder who’s at fault when you combine Charlotte and Detroit. Flying from Greenville to Detroit, we were the only ones with bags, and they were on the conveyor before we even got there.
    Flying out of Charlotte? Get some coffee.

    Posted by: Christy | December 6, 2007
  3. I know why. Coz they got one guy unloading bags for like 50 flights at one time. One little 52 year old guy who has to drive the truck to the plane, unload each bag: one bag, two bags, three bags, etc… until his little truck is filled up, drive 15 miles to where your gate is, get out of his truck, poop for 15 minutes, get coffee, talk on the phone to his inlaws, watch ‘House’, and then drive another 15 miles to your gate, unload one bag, unload two bags, unload three bags into the chute thing. Then go inside to the chute thing and put one bag, two bags, three bags onto the carousel thing, and then 4 hours later after his nap press the button to start the carousel thing.

    Posted by: Billy Leopard | December 7, 2007
  4. One would seem to think that with such high unemployment rates in Michigan there are people starving to have your job. If it were me, I’d hustle my little butt up to ensure my job wasn’t going anywhere.

    Posted by: Kriste | December 11, 2007
  5. I wish I was rich enough to fly somewhere to have to wait for luggage. I never have to wait for mine because its in a glad hefty bag, duct taped together in the back of the mini-van with the wife and the screamin kids. I would gladly wait for an hour to have a week in some sunny destination. Oh wait I did have to wait for an hour and I didnt get to go to some sunny destination. Next time get a metro car you cheap skin-flint and leave the rest of us out of your upper-crust misery.

    Posted by: Ian | December 14, 2007

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