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Ernie Harwell is baseball – Happy Birthday Ernie!

Ernie Harwell statue at Comerica Park in Detroit, MI by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

For 55 years, of which 42 were with my Detroit Tigers, Ernie Harwell called the shots on every play in a memorable way. Even though he had a slight southern side to his voice, he was a complete Detroit treasure. He celebrates being 90 years young today.

According to the Free Press, he was sent hundreds of birthday wishes to which he replied,

"Well, this is really nice that these people have responded in the
e-mails to my birthday’s celebration. Like I say, I really
don’t deserve it — but I had measles one time, and I didn’t deserve
that, either."

Funny guy. Maybe he could write a little something for the DIFF. But since he is the DIFF, we’ll honor him today. Happy Birthday, Ernie! Hope to see you on Opening Day!

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  1. Ernie was and still is the man!

    Posted by: James | January 30, 2008

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