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I found love at FoundMagazine.com

FoundMagazine.com by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

By Cora Bledsoe

Well, not really…but it is still a good site. I was told about FoundMagazine.com a few years ago and although I don’t visit often, every time I do, I’m there for a while. The site is full of items that have been lost and found. Usually there are photographs, notes, drawings, etc. It’s kinda like the Lay’s Potato Chips slogan, “I betcha can’t eat just one”.

Only one item is shown at a time, and for some reason, I’m always drawn to look at another… and another… and another. I could probably spend hours on this site alone. It’s so interesting to try and understand what people were thinking when they wrote the notes or where they were when the pictures were taken.

Maybe one day I’ll find something interesting enough to submit to FoundMagazine.com. Until then, I’ll just continue to spend endless hours viewing other’s contributions.

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  1. I’m so hooked …. I’m on Lost and Found number 45 right now. Damn you Cora!

    Posted by: Matt | January 31, 2008
  2. I got totally sidetracked for a short time this morning on the site…it’s addictive for sure. Some of the notes and stuff are so funny!

    Posted by: Kel L | January 31, 2008

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