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Quick fix: use dry erase to save the trees!

Use dry erase forms at businesses! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

By Kriste Gaither

Recently I paid my dues to society and purchased a Smart Circle Card to a local salon. The card allows you to choose from several companies participating in the charity and pick one that you feel you would most use.

Naturally I jumped at the chance to get a discount on a massage, facial, and haircut, plus I knew I was helping out a cool charity. The card afforded me 4 visits to Salon Valenti in Livonia.

So I called them up to schedule my first visit. I will admit to being slightly nervous that they would treat me like a "discount" client, but that certainly was not the case. They explained how to use the card and set me up with an appointment within a week.

Fast forward to arriving at the Salon last Friday. Upon walking in they greeted me immediately and offered me a beverage. The young gal working at the counter told me she would give me some "paperwork" to fill out so they could keep in on record. Moments later, she handed me a clipboard with a laminated new client questionnaire sheet and a dry erase marker.

I was a bit confused at first so I asked why she used this particular method of gathering client’s information. She told me that as soon as the client fills out the info, they simply put it into the computer and throw the sheets away. The owner realized how much paper they were wasting and thought of a better method. Thus it led them to create washable sheets they can reuse over and over.

What a novel idea! I got to thinking how much paperwork is filled out every time we see a new doctor, dentist, tax specialist, school/college, gym, salon, restaurants, etc. Being in the technology age, I think we can all conclude most of the info simply gets input into a computer anyway, with no real need for keeping hard copies. I would challenge more businesses to follow in the footsteps of Salon Valenti and ask themselves if they really need all that paperwork.

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  1. wow that is really cool. I could totaly use those. I will totaly get some, Thanks!

    Posted by: flagship va | February 2, 2008

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