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Quicken Loans is moving downtown and Yahoo! Answers has an opinion!

Quicken Loans is asking questions on Yahoo! Answers. by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

You all may know from previous posts that we do some work answering questions as a Knowledge Partner for Yahoo! Answers. Up until last week, it was just us spewing out our mortgage knowledge…we really were only answering questions, not asking them.

Anyhow, one of my favorite sections is the Detroit section. There seems to be a core group of people who answer the Detroit related questions, yet they’re very knowledgeable and VERY loyal to their city. Sometimes people go in there trying to trash the city and promptly get some very firm lectures on why the Asker should get the hell out (of town & Yahoo!).

With Quicken’s impending move downtown, it crossed my mind that we should poll the people on which site would be better for our new location – old Hudson’s building or the Statler site in Grand Circus Park. Figured we’d show the D a little love, get a couple opinions and call it a day.

Not so much. By the end of the day Thursday, we had like 20 answers. I was shocked – I would guesstimate that the average question gets between 8-10 answers, of which, maybe 4 are useful. All of the ones we had were informative, insightful and pretty darn excited about the move.

When we logged back in Friday morning, I anticipated maybe a couple more had come in overnight. Wrong again. We had doubled our answers and were surging past 40 answers. Freaking unbelievable. Quite possibly the most internet excitement I’ve ever felt. And yes, I do realize that the last sentence makes me a bit of a dork.

Not only had we spurred a ton of talk on Y! Answers, someone even created a discussion thread about the question itself on DetroitYes.com (a very cool site). It was interesting to see how far a simple question could go when people cared.

As I write, we’re at 58 answers, 6 “Interesting!” stars and quite a few e-mails to the Home Loan Guru inquiring about the downtown move and Detroit 2.0. I realize that may not seem like a lot, but for such a specific question in a rather quiet category, it’s huge.

So, mad props out to the Y! Answers community who took the time to think about and compose such thoughtful answers to our question. We decided to extend the question’s expiration to allow more answers, so the question is still open. So if you’ve got an opinion, go post it here. Your voice will be heard.

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  1. Huzah!

    Posted by: Mark | January 8, 2008
  2. I love reading the feedback on Y! Answers! Some of these posters have really thought through this, and know a ton about urban development.
    Now, I also read the stuff on the Detroit Yes forum, and it’s so sad to think that Detroiters are *so*… negative? burned out? to think that this poll is totally disingenuous.
    What if Dan Gilbert hijacked the Home Loan Guru profile for a day? What about having him post here?
    Having worked here for a while, *I* believe that those making the building decisions will read this. They know how to find smart people and listen.
    However, after many years of shouting and not being heard, I fear many Detroiters think it will do no good.

    Posted by: Christy | January 9, 2008

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