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Word of Mouth Tip #33: Do something special and surprising

Front of the luggage tag from Andy Sernovitz sent to Quicken LoansThere’s a reason why Andy Sernovitz (CEO of the new Blog Council, the founder of GasPedal, and the former CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association – among many other things) is considered a leader in word of mouth marketing. 

He does stuff like send me the luggage tag in the picture at the right.  It’s a little thing, but it’s pretty cool. 

At the WOMMA Summit in Las Vegas this past November (the one where Quicken Loans won a WOMMIE award for our Yahoo! Answers program), he passed around a hat, collecting business cards without telling why he wanted the cards.

Well, now I know. I got the laminated luggage tag with my business card on one side and a word of mouth tip from Sernovitz’s book "Word of Mouth Marketing” on the other side.

Back of the luggage tag from Andy SernovitzTo be honest, I was so impressed with this little gesture that I decided to go to Amazon and order the book and guess what happened?  Right while I was in the process of getting his book, Andy called me to talk about the Blog Council’s upcoming conference (which I’m really hoping to attend). Now that’s a freakin’ coincidence…

It’s not often you get a phone call from a guy who was interviewed by Ali G.

So anyway, word of mouth has become one of my specialties here at Quicken Loans and I really admire the guys like Andy Sernovitz who have written the great books and started the awesome organizations that have put word of mouth marketing on the map – forever. 

I’ll let everyone know how the book is once it arrives. I’m pretty (100%) sure it will be nothing short of great.

That’s about it for today.

Thanks for the luggage tag, Andy!

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  1. The Luggage Tag Trick Exposed!

    For years I’ve been sending a very unusual kind of thank-you to people I meet. I take their business card, turn it into a luggage tag, and mail it back to them. I’ve probably sent 5,000 of these over the

    Posted by: Andy Sernovitz's Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That! | January 21, 2008

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