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A DIFF guest blogger anthology

We’ve recently gotten  e-mails from people both in and out of the United States that shared some stories. They’re short & sweet, so we’ve compiled a few here for your reading enjoyment. As always, if you’ve got something DIFFtastic to say, put it in writing and e-mail it to Info@WhatsTheDiff.com.

In random order:

"Music is What Counts" by Bonni Tuttle

My husband is a repair tech of musical instruments. One of the educational reps had brought in a Baritone sax that had been mishandled by a student. The teacher was in disrepair to get the instrument repaired for there was an audition that was being held for a musical school in New York and one of the students at the high school needed the bari sax for the audition. The part that was broken (one of the pins) had to be ordered and wouldn’t be in for 2 weeks. The teacher needed the instrument repaired by that Saturday. My husband made a pin to fix the key that was broken and no one could tell the difference. My husband hand delivered the instrument to the High School and did not charge for the repair. The student promised to take better care of the bari sax in the future.

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