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My Jiibe

Jiibe, a career connector that actually cares what kind of job you get. by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

"You like to work for a company whose focus usually extends outwards towards the customer – like a funny looking belly button.

As far as being proactive goes, you want to spend most of your time planning for the future but still like to keep at least one of your big toes dipped in what’s going on with the business right now. Especially if what’s going on in the business right now is chocolate."

Alas, I have not gone off the deep end just yet. It’s just my Jiibe. Another interesting find that Matt sent out to the team last week.

Jiibe is a "user-powered online service that helps people make better decisions for a happier life." Hmm. Make me happier? I dare you.

In short, it’s an extensive career matching site. Sign up and you’ll answer lots of questions about your current employer and your "ideal" employer. It’s mostly statements and you choose whether the statement is: very untrue, untrue, not sure, true or very true. It asked me about having fun at work (yay), if we have to follow strict rules (nay) and if my supervisors trust me (yay). It also talked about taking risks, working overtime, communication, competition, rewards and goals.

Based on your answers to the assessment, it shows you what you need to make you a happy employee. It then ranks potential matches – companies that fit the type of culture you’ve always longed for. It’s like EHarmony for jobs. (Not like I know anything about that, although I can’t be sure my mother hasn’t signed me up for that too.)

It also takes your answers about your current employer to form matches for other users. Essentially, my matches were based on what other Jiibe members said about their employers.

The theory is brilliant. Everyday, when I look to purchase something, do something or go somewhere, I ask other people for recommendations. Why not do that with your career too? Short of peppering people with questions about their workplace, it’s hard to find out what a company is really like before you start working. Sure, they all have a pretty façade, but who is going to more honest than an anonymous stranger without any prior incentives to make you work there? You can even ask employees questions.

To boot, Quicken Loans was a 94% match with my Jiibe. The best one was only slightly better – matched with me at 96%. So, in a sense, they did make me happier by validating my choice of employers. The write-up about Quicken Loans is hilarious, but pretty much dead on. Here’s a snippet:

"When a manager at this company asks you to sit down in his office, there’s a chance you’ll sit on a whoopee cushion and everyone will have a gay old laugh over it.

Only some of the challenges that employees face every day can be dealt with through set processes… the rest of the day tends to play out like new episodes of Star Trek: boldly going where no one has gone before."

Click here to read the whole thing, then get Jiibe’n! It’s totally free to sign up, share your Jiibe and get matches. Jiibe on, my friends.

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