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Remembering a brother with gifts of love

Jarrett "Spiderman" Knyal is remembered with a gift of love from Quicken LoansLast month when our friend and coworker Jarrett "Spiderman" Knyal died after a long battle with cancer, we put our heads and our pocketbooks together to help his surviving wife and two young children.

We are proud to announce that Quicken Loans employees raised over $13,000 for Jarrett’s family which Quicken Loans generously matched. This will give Jarrett’s family well over $26,000 that they didn’t expect. 

Also, we’ve dedicated our Marketing Team parking spot (at the Quicken Loans headquarters) to Jarrett.  Going forward, we are purchasing the spot for $25 a week and sending the money to Jarrett’s family to do with as they please. It’s not a whole lot, but it might come in handy.

We hope our gifts of love help. Trust us, they are a just a small tribute to our friend Jarrett.  We’ll miss him forever.

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  1. Hey, Clayton, I think this would be a fabulous thing to feature on our new “making a difference in the community” blog, http://www.quickenloans-difference.com. After all, it’s really cool that the company matched our contributions, but it was all of you who gathered the money in the first place. Otherwise, there’d be nothing to match!
    I love this because it’s a way for us to embrace the fact that Jarrett really is still with us, even though he’s not physically here. Kinda like his brother said in the goodbye service — we can picture Jarrett shooting around the solar system and coming back to say, “Hang on. I wanna do that one more time!”

    Posted by: christy | February 26, 2008
  2. This is great to hear and I am proud to work for a company with people that care.

    Posted by: Matthew LaVaute | March 10, 2008
  3. My children do not yet realize the magnitude of the impact the extraordinary Quicken Loans family has had on their lives. I certainly do. I will never forget it. As I miss him day to day, hour by hour, it is nice to feel his incredible energy and spirit still reverberates through the hearts and minds of many others. I wish I could share with everyone exactly how enriched my life felt with him as my partner. You honor him with grace.

    Posted by: Bridget Knyal | May 6, 2008

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