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Seeing the unbelievable on the ski slopes

Skiing in a chair on the Quicken Loans blogWe have a saying at Quicken Loans. "You see it when you believe it."

It’s actually one of our ISMS, or principles that drive our corporate culture.

Anyway, I know it’s true because I saw first-hand something that I would have considered impossible before I actually saw it.

I saw skiers who had one leg, no legs and even blind. Yes, that’s right. Blind skiers, going full speed down the slopes. 

I’m not lying.

Now, let me tell you, I’m no expert skier and this is from my
perspective. But the most important two things when I ski are my legs
and my eyes. I can’t even imagine trying to go down a hill using only
the strength of my arms or with my eyes shut. That would be horrifying.

But, there they were. Right next to me on the hill, many of them skiing much better than me. One blind guy was going full speed downhill, in perfect form and precision, with only a spotter about 10 feet behind him yelling "RIGHT, LEFT, PERSON 20 FEET AHEAD OF YOU, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, STAY LEFT, BACK RIGHT"

It was amazing.

I will point out that almost of these folks were skiing with the help a partner from the Michigan Adaptive Sports Association.

That in itself is pretty cool. It’s all about teamwork. Few people can do great things alone. Amazing things are done when folks put their hearts and heads together. 

My guess is that’s how someone came up with a chair that could ski down a hill. Or an organization where volunteers can help others with physical limitations do something that seems impossible.

When people get together, there isn’t much that is impossible.

Especially when they believe.

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  1. You need to see these folks ski the big mountains in Colorado! (Yeah, rubbing it in…)

    Posted by: Anonymous | February 27, 2008

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