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Spirit Week at Quicken Loans!

In honor of our #2 spot on FORTUNE Magazine’s "100 Best Companies to Work For," we had a bona fide Spirit Week last week at all our locations across the country – Michigan, Ohio, Arizona and our new partners in Cali, One Reverse Mortgage.

Each day had a different theme and team members dressed up to compete for the prize of lunch for the whole team! There are tons of pictures, so here’s a few to recap the week –

1. Tuesday – 80′s Day!

Quicken Loans Marketing Team
The Quicken Loans Marketing Team gets into Spirit Week with 80's Day!

2. Wednesday – ISMs Day

Rock Companies Team
Quicken Loans Spirit Week - ISMs day!

3. Thursday – School Spirit Day

Mortgage Banker Academy
Quicken Loans Spirit Week - school spirit!

4. Friday – Building the Future

One Reverse Mortgage
Quicken Loans Spirit Week - building the future!

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  1. “Clay” doesn’t even have to dress up for 80s day…

    Posted by: Billy Leopard | February 26, 2008
  2. Do you people actually work? My job never offered me a free lunch.

    Posted by: Anonymous | March 2, 2008

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