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Best Buy giving $50 gift cards to consumers stuck with HD-DVD players

People who bought HD-DVD players from Best Buy getting gift cards! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

The DIFF loves it when companies do the right thing!

According to CNN, on Wednesday, Best Buy announced they would send $50 gift cards to all customers who purchased an HD-DVD player prior to February 23 at one of their stores. If you’re not up on your electronic news, HD-DVD officially surrendered the format war to Blu-Ray after a meeting of the minds: the top studios vowed to support Blu-Ray. Case closed.

Best Buy is anticipating identifying the affected consumers through it’s Reward Zone program and service plans. If you bought one and want to make sure you get your gift card, grab your receipt and call Best Buy yourself.

This seemingly small move could lead to up to $10 million in gift cards from Best Buy in the US. But doing the right thing for their customers will reap them immeasurable profits for years to come.

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