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Facebook could save your life!

Facebook reunites old classmates which turns into a life saving match - one donates a kidney to the other! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

Go figure – I thought I was joining these social networks to share pictures & get "poked" by people I knew in kindergarten and now can’t remember for the life of me. Sure, let’s be "friends!"

As reported by ABC News, Facebook was recently the catalyst for a life saving event – two former schoolmates found each other and one found another chance at a healthy life. Karl Celestin is donating a kidney to a friend he lost touch with over a decade ago – Ricardo Manier.

While being hospitalized recently when his kidneys virtually stopped working, Manier reconnected to his old friend through the social networking site. The men became fast friends again and Celestin offered to donate a kidney when he learned of Manier’s health. The two are also now planning to attend med school together in the fall.

That’s certainly social networking at it’s best. I wonder if I could count on my Facebook buds for the same compassion should I need it – any takers?

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