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Kelly says fix your hair!

Dan Gilbert by whatsthediffblog, on FlickrWe’re giving Kelly a break today while she works on some great stuff about reverse mortgages. But, we’ll still put her in the limelight with an email she sent the other day…

CNN: Buy, Sell or Comb-over?

In recent years, a pseudoscience has emerged around the theory that left-partedness signals leadership potential, while parting on the right suggests a little something off-kilter. Among CEOs of the 50 largest companies in the Fortune 500, only three part their hair on the right.

Here is CNN Money’s  hair analysis.

What I want to know is, where is this research? CNN doesn’t quote it, and a simple Google search turned up the same quote used by CNN. Whatever the research, our Chairman has got the right looks for the job.

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  1. It’s really silly to think that someone sat down and looked how those 50 CEOs split their hair. I’d think there would be something more newsworthy than that. However, that is pretty darn interesting (no matter how useful). Thanks Christy!

    Posted by: Dave | April 30, 2008
  2. Why is our chairman’s pic up for a story on CEOs?

    Posted by: Ummm.... | May 1, 2008
  3. “Ummm…,” you are absolutely right that Dan is the Chairman and not the CEO of Quicken Loans. However, Dan and Bill Emerson (who *is* the CEO) do a great job of working together, and often Dan acts so much more like a “co-CEO” that many of us still think of him as “CEO,” and not “Chairman.”
    It was totally an unconscious thing on my part to pass this along as it is, just to show the kinds of things that we poke fun at when we have a free moment. We hoped CNN/Money had better things to research.
    Dave has it right — the greater point is that someone actually spent the time to analyze the hair-parting of 50 CEOs. Wow. I think that’s the real joke. ;-)

    Posted by: Christy | May 2, 2008

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