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No more broken plastic forks when you picnic with the Knork

The knork in use at Quicken Loans!Ok, here is my official and promised follow-up to my first post about the Knork last month.

First, I want to thank Lacy Simon, Knork Inc’s vice president of marketing. Lacy found our first post (a testament to the power and connectivity of blogging) and sent me two sets of Knorks – a beautiful and super sturdy stainless steel set and a semi-disposable plastic set that’s best for camping, picnics, and other outdoor use.

The Knorks have been tested and reviewed by several of my DIFF mates and me. We’ve scooped with them, cut with them, mashed with them and used them on various types of food.

Our overall grade for the Knork – A

The Knork is pretty cool and we totally think it’s gonna be a hit. I really think the plastic Knorks are super great – say goodbye to cheap, flimsy plastic wear that snaps in your hand when you push down on your potato salad. I hate that. And then you have to use half a broken fork for the rest of your meal, getting stuff all over your fingers and knuckles. That will NEVER happen with the plastic Knork. And at the bargain price of $2 for a set of 4, I think these things will blow up. I’m all about the plastic Knorks.

Here’s what a few of my fellow DIFFers have to say about the Knork:

"It works great on chicken and hamburger. Not so good with bread. My dad loved the Knork so much that I’m buying him a set. He’ll only need one utensil for his entire meal." – Lea Puckett

"It compliments a steak better than A1" – Chris Kaufman

"I like it" – Kelly LaVaute

"That’s my hand (the one on the right) in the picture" – Cora Bledsoe

So there it is. The DIFF Team says "go, Knork, go."

The Knork is a good product at a good price. Makes sense to me.

For more information go to www.knork.net.

Thanks again Lacy. And good luck with the Knork!

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  1. What kind of retard tried to use their Knork on bread?

    Posted by: Thomas Bastille | April 7, 2008
  2. Those testimonials were nothing if not moving.

    Posted by: Moving | April 8, 2008
  3. Who is impersonating me? I know it’s you, Bliss! You live the closest to Novi…it only makes sense that your IP would be coming from there.

    Posted by: The Kauf | April 8, 2008
  4. I wanna Knorkwurst

    Posted by: Billy Leopardskinhousen | April 8, 2008
  5. Thomas Bastille: From your post, I can see that you lack some culinary diversity in your life. Let me education you on a sophisticated entree called the “Open Face Sandwich”. It is a tasty meal that has bread on the bottom with a multitude of fillings. It could be chicken, beef, vegetables or any combination of these 3 items. Most of the time, these fillings are covered with a gravy or sauce which requires one to use a fork to eat. Or in my instance, I used the knork. Now, who is the intellectually challenged individual?

    Posted by: Lea | April 8, 2008

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