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T-Mobile got it first, now its AT&T’s turn

A while back, Kriste lamented a dispute with T-Mobile customer service, and how hard it was to fight charges on her bill. T-Mobile made good by Kriste and gave her a refund. Her persistence paid off. Next, here comes AT&T with a schedule of fees based on how you pay your bill.


If I happen to be running errands and want to drop my payment off I have to pay extra? And let’s not forget what the good folks at Consumerist point out as the really unfair part — people who don’t have checking accounts to pay their bill pay more, too. Yes, you get charged extra if you pay your bill in cash.

This one hits home because somehow I totally forgot to pay my phone bill a few weeks back, and so I called in a payment to make sure it got there on time. Guess what I found on my next bill! Yes! A $30 fee!

AT&T, I’m sure, realizes it’s the first place people go for basic phone service. Kinda like Blue Cross is the "insurer of last resort" in Michigan. If you can’t afford a cell phone or cable-based phone service, you can still get a basic phone line through AT&T.

I’d like to see AT&T use that situation to improve their reputation, not leverage it to make more money. Can you imagine the power of a movement by AT&T to embrace its position in the community? The ideas are already teeming… identifying community outreach programs is as easy as paying
attention to how people pay their bills.

Does AT&T have the guts to make good, too?

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  1. The price is going up too! Check out the link!

    Posted by: Kel L | April 25, 2008
  2. Oh, Kel… I just can’t bear to took at the bill anymore… Did it go up?? I’m choosing to be ignorant on that one! ugh.

    Posted by: Christy | April 28, 2008
  3. I did my best to convince you all to switch to the great T-Mobile. No one wants to listen to Kriste ;-)

    Posted by: Kriste | April 29, 2008
  4. nice post i have RSS’d you, please update more often… thanks

    Posted by: jim | September 30, 2008

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