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Elephants as artists: who needs opposable thumbs?

Aside from writing, I have little to no artistic talent. I can’t draw to save my soul and I never really enjoyed art class for that particular reason. However, had I encountered an elephant in my art class, I might have paid more attention.

I found an article in USA Today and subsequently started some Googling on the whole "elephant artist" topic. Not only are they painting a lot, they’re painting well.

Turns out, elephants have been showing off their artistic talents for years. Check out this YouTube video of an elephant who does a self-portrait. The video is about 8 minutes long, but totally worth it. Listen to the crowd reaction as they realize what the elephant is painting. The video has captured some 5 million+ views.

The paintings are sold to fund zoos and other conservation efforts. Depending on the animal’s popularity or how clear the image is, the paintings can be sold from $25 up to thousands and thousands of dollars. You can also buy paintings by sea lions or chimpanzees. One noted chimp artist, Congo, had his paintings sell 3 years ago for more than $25,000. Maybe I should have paid attention in art class.

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