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Look, Ma: No Hands!

Hands-free sinkBy Meghan Busch

There’s nothing quite like a cross-country road trip. You can almost smell the chronic indulgence of fast food and the waft of ammonia that hugs your nose as you pull into the rest stop.

"Welcome back", it says, like an old, smelly friend.

And as if true sanitation isn’t scarce enough in local public restrooms, you can
just imagine the germs that piggyback those of us traveling from state to
state. Particularly for ladies, a simple potty break turns into some awkward
acrobatic trapeze act: dancing around wet-spots, twirling into a stall, locking
the door using forgotten parts like femurs and elbows. So you eventually
dismount from the stall of steeping un-sanitation–slyly unscathed by germs–and
skittleedoo to the sink where you’re plagued with the task of hand washing.

sink surely extracted from some remote 5th-grade sleepaway camp. So much for
elbows. Where’s the 10-foot pole in this place?

Well here’s the good news. There is a DIFF in sight. On our travels through the great state of Missouri last
weekend (err…pre-tornado whirlwind) I discovered a rest stop sink that is indeed The DIFF; like a beacon as bright as Mr. Clean’s bald head, this thing.

here’s how it went: I did my usual pas de bourrée out of
the lockless stall and plunged my hands into this mysterious wall mounted

I didn’t really know what to expect… and honestly I hoped just for a
minute that a reclusive gnome was going to drop down from a soap-on-a-rope with a rigorous
cleaning. But only for a minute.

But then, to my surprise, first came a healthy
does of liquid soap right into my hands.
Then a pause.
Then enough water for
Then another pause.
Then a high-powered dryer — all from the same

Didn’t have to touch a thing; no handles, no rotating pre-used hand towel,
nothing! Just a simple throwing of my hip into the door on my way out, anyway!
These all-in-one sink machines expel all the fixins for a good hand-washing right
from the wall. Amazing!

Let’s hope these germ-fighting
cleanmachines spread as quickly as the worldly germs they rode in


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  1. I love those sinks! I was just talking to my boyfriend today about them saying how I didn’t remember where I used it at.

    Posted by: Dani | May 1, 2012

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