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Painless giving with Non-Profit Shopping Mall

Non-profit shopping mallTarget will donate 5% of what I buy online to The Hunger Project. Not just limited stuff, but anything I can find and order from the Target web site.

The Apple Store will donate 5% to Autism Speaks.

Urban Outfitters will give 2.5% to Inner-City Arts.

But, don’t just go to these web sites and shop away! Start at www.nonprofitshoppingmall.com first. "Your brand. Your cause. Our world." That’s the tagline of this non-profit portal that benefits a whole host of non-profit organizations that you know and love.

Read on for what you need to know…

Once you’re at www.nonprofitshoppingmall.com, select your organization. Then you’ll get a list of brands and stores that participate. There are more than 225 of them! Simply choose the retailer, and the web site passes tracking information that will be collected later. The purchases you make during that shopping session are tallied by the retailers and Non-Profit Shopping Mall makes sure the charity receives the money.

It’s one extra stop on your online shopping trip, but you don’t pay higher prices, and you don’t pay a membership or joining fee. Simply buy the products you normally would, and your favorite charity gets a little extra cash. I like it!

Oh, and an extra shout-out to Piperlime, who donates 7.5% of sales, and Zappos, at 6%. Those are the highest contribution rates when I last looked at the list.

And our hats tip to mire, who spotted our Doctors Without Borders post and alerted us to the fact that Doctors Without Borders can get the benefit of your online shopping.

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  1. This is awesome – here at Quicken Loans, we would call this another “inch.” So easy to just take the extra step to help out.
    And I love Piperlime! Ooh, and I need some new summer shoes!

    Posted by: Kel L | June 3, 2008
  2. Thanks for spotlighting us!!!!
    We love what we do over at http://www.nonprofitshoppingmall.com because most of us who work for the company know first hand how tough it can be, especially in an economic downturn, to raise funds for small nonprofits. We help out regionally based groups raise money from their support base through our external link program.
    We make giving really easy for everyone cause well, we know you still gotta shop right? So you might as well be a philanthropist while you do it.
    So thanks again for checking us out and shop often for Doctors Without Borders!!!
    Join us in “shop”anthropy revolution!

    Posted by: mire | June 3, 2008
  3. Thanks for giving chance to post!!!!
    I love what we do over because most of us who work for the company know it can be, especially in an economic downturn. We help out regionally based groups raise money from their support base through our external link program.

    Posted by: shawn121 | June 25, 2008
    TRUE Social Shopping, in the real context of the word. http://www.ASocialThing.com

    Posted by: Ron Lee | November 24, 2008

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