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Remembering George Carlin

Love him or hate him, George Carlin changed comedy (some would say in a bad way) and inspired thought and conversation for nearly five decades.

He died last Sunday of heart failure at the age of 71, after a very controversial career that began in 1959.

I thought some of his stuff was very funny. I disagreed with a lot of what he said. Sometimes, listening to his routines, I got the feeling his was just as much of a philosopher as a comedian.  Most comedians today have been influenced, one way or another, by Carlin.

He was over the top, often, including one well-publicized incident where he insulted visitors to Las Vegas as being "people with very limited intellects."  The problem was that he was performing at the Vegas MGM Grand. MGM didn’t like that and fired him on the spot. He immediately entered drug and alcohol rehab.

He certainly had his troubles, but I doubt he’ll be remembered for that. I think he’ll be remembered as a funny man who had few boundaries. A man who made us think and discuss and disagree. That’s why I like him. He made us think.

That’s why I’ll miss him. Goodbye George.

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  1. Have you read “Brain Droppings”? It’s awesome!! I’ve never laughed so hard at one book. Yes, more than Colbert. Carlin showed Colbert how it’s done.

    Posted by: Christy | July 1, 2008
  2. Cool. I’ll have to check out Brain Droppings. I wonder if it’s on audio tape? Carlin would be proud of me driving a high-mileage Corolla to work. Actually, he probably wouldn’t care what I drive to work, now that I think of it.

    Posted by: Clayton | July 2, 2008

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