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Saying goodbye isn’t always as bad as you think

Patrick the guinea pig's urn on the Quicken Loans blogBy Christy Brewer

I hate saying, "Goodbye." In fact, my husband and I make it a point not to say that when signing off a phone call with each other. It’s always, "See you soon," or "Later." (After the gooey stuff, of
course!) It’s not really "goodbye," anyway.

Unless you really have to say it.

Which, is what we recently had to do with our family guinea pig, Patrick. She fell ill and the ending for her was going to be really hard. So we spared her some of that and had her put to sleep.

Okay, yes, "Patrick" is a girl guinea pig. Our former Quicken Loans web marketer, Lauren Ham, had named her Patrick before finding out that he was a she. Oh well. Lauren gave her to us, and our boys have enjoyed every minute of our almost-two years with her.

Honestly, she’s a guinea pig. I didn’t really think I’d take it that hard, until after she was put to sleep and we got her ashes back. That picture is the satin-covered box that contains Patrick’s ashes. Okay, this is a true "goodbye." Just like when we had to say goodbye to Jarrett.

I’m moving on to do other things with my career today, which means I’m no longer going to be a regular contributor to The DIFF. But it’s certainly not "goodbye." You can’t get rid of me that easily! I’ll be back, just like our DIFF Ninja. So, it’s simply, "see ya later!"

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  1. I had a guinea pig named Flingy when I was a youngster. I still miss him.
    And I miss you, Christy. Good luck with everything and thanks for your outstanding contributions to the DIFF blog.

    Posted by: Clayton | June 29, 2008
  2. Hey, yeah, I had two as a kid myself. Otherwise, guinea pigs would have landed in that “rodent” category. Okay, they are rodents. But, I must admit — Ham did a great job raising her for the first two years.
    And, yep, I miss the “Big Three,” too. I found my groove on The DIFF, so thank you for giving me space to contribute and grow!

    Posted by: Christy | June 30, 2008

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