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It’s All-Ways or No Ways

All-Ways Towing Moves This Quicken Loans Guest BloggerBy Paul J. Pickett

Have you ever heard anyone brag on how good a towing company is? 

No way.

Me either.

So I can hardly believe I’m writing this post.  Okay, so here’s how it went down.  My wife called me at work a few evenings ago and said her car wouldn’t start – the engine wouldn’t even “turn over” (read: no sound when she turned the key). Since I’ve never had a stellar tow company experience, I Googled “towing company in Farmington Hills, MI” to find one close to my wife and her car. A bunch of companies popped up, but one stuck out to me – All-Ways Towing – because of the numerous testimonials from people who used words like “honest,” “ inexpensive,”  and “fast.”

My first reaction was “Yeah…right.” But with no time to waste and my wife still on the line, I conference called them to get some help. The lady who answered was pleasant and assured us that she’d have someone to my wife within 10 minutes. And for the second time in 90 seconds I thought, “Yeah…right.”  Sure enough, about 15 minutes later my wife called and said “You won’t believe what just happened.” She told me the tow-truck guy had arrived and instead of immediately giving her “the hook up,” he had her pop up the hood and he checked out the car.

And after asking her a few basic questions he discovered the negative connector was not attached to the battery (we had the car serviced at a dealership about a week prior and they didn’t re-attach it very well). He had her turn the car on-and-off a few times and then drive it just to be sure the issue was resolved. When he was sure his services were no longer needed, he left.

Not only did we save money, but more importantly she didn’t have to spend her night at the battery shop down the road hoping they’d be honest with her as well. 

And even though I don’t want us to be in that situation again, if there is another time, there’s no way I’m calling anyone but All-Ways Towing. 

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  1. Now that is a good story I think the only times you hear about the bad ones is when the Towing Company wasnt called at least by the owner of the vehicle.

    Posted by: Jeff Brown | July 22, 2008

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