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Model D Media: Portraying a Positive Detroit

Model D: Good Stuff in DetroitIt’s easy to find stuff to complain about in Detroit. I was born and raised there, so I know first-hand. Every night, the local news serves as a not-so-friendly reminder of the crime and despair in some areas of the city.

Now that I’ve given the stereotypical view of the city, let me introduce you to a bright spot: Model D.
Model D is a site that showcases all of the good things happening in the city of Detroit. From the West side to the East side to Midtown and Downtown, they cover everything you would think of and wouldn’t think of. I subscribe to the Model D blog and every time I read it, it gives me a sense of pride and makes me proud to say, “I’m from Detroit”.

Showcasing new businesses, services and developments, Model D is published by MediaGroup, a Detroit-based company. They also share the love in other cities, providing local editions to Pittsburgh, Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

Even though I consider myself a Detroiter, Model D has opened my eyes to so many things I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Whether you’re visiting the city for a short time, planning to relocate, or you just have a general interest, check out Model D for a truly positive perspective on Detroit.

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