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Fresh from Detroit – Peaches, Greens and all produce in between

New Grocery Businesses in Detroit are Great! I’m from Detroit, so I know how difficult it is to find good fresh groceries within the city limits. Of course there’s the Eastern Market, which I love. The problem is it’s pretty far to travel, especially if you just need a few things.

More and more, little produce places are popping up throughout the city and I’m loving it.

The most recent store I’ve seen crop up (pun intended) is Peaches and Greens. Thanks to Model D for the great picture of their building. I love it especially because they’re planning to stock the shelves with produce grown in their own local garden.

They are also inviting others who have gardens in the city to sell their fare there.

The other really nice thing is that Peaches and Greens will offer a
produce truck so those who don’t necessarily live nearby will still
have access to lots of good-for-you options.

I couldn’t be more
excited to see Peaches and Greens and other fresh food stores in
Detroit. Maybe they’ll start to combat all the fast food joints planted
every 20 feet.

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  1. I agree – stuff like this is great to see. I’ve recently found out that there is this amazingly good marketing really close to my house. It’s called Papayas Market and they have every kind of produce you could want at some amazing prices too. Plus they have an olive bar, dried beans, spices – it’s really a great store.
    Speaking of…can someone remind me to stop there after work today? :P

    Posted by: Jen R | July 10, 2008
  2. Peaches & Greens-love the name. Wish I could get them in my neighborhood. So Cora dinner at your place with yummy fresh veggies?????

    Posted by: Jan | July 11, 2008

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