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The Shooting Gallery PhotographySo, I’m getting married. That’s not "new" news to anyone within a 3-country radius of me, but for the sake of the post… I’m marrying this super great guy in November. (Put your yak bag down–this isn’t about how my boyfriend is The DIFF–I have boundaries.)

Thing is, if you’ve ever planned a wedding you know that there’s this whole separate subculture of brides-to-be and their wedding day vendors. Photographers, florists, halls, hair stylists, DJs, make-up artists… You can almost smell the brow-sweat when you visit any of the wedding websites. And from a bride’s perspective, after all your virtual pavement-pounding from website to website, your research, your excel sheets, budgeting, phone calls and interviewing… half of you just really wants to hop the red eye to Vegas. Okay, more than half.

And then
you come across one of those vendors who is so good at their craft,
that they actually help re-instill anticipation and excitement for your
wedding day. Enter, Dionne Haglund of The Shooting Gallery Photography.

So here’s the short story. Back in January, right after I got
engaged, someone posted a photograph on one of the wedding websites. I
was so impressed by the artistic nature of it that I Googled the
watermark on the photo. That’s when I found The Shooting Gallery
website. Dionne can probably attest to the fact that on that night, I
emailed and called more than once to get a hold of her in the interest
of booking her for my wedding. I all but stalked the poor woman. (I told you…brides get crazy).
She was already booked through 2008 due to her high demand, but as luck
would have it, she had a cancellation on our wedding date. (Either
that, or she was very, very afraid of me and took the necessary
actions. Entirely possible.)

incredible talents aside, Dionne’s customer service alone is excellent.
She responds to emails and phone calls quickly, regularly posts to her
blog so you can see her latest work, she’s punctual, and somehow she
stays incredibly sweet through the whole process.

So you’re thinking, that’s nice… but what about her pictures? Check them out for yourself on her blog, or from her wedding photography website.
She’s creative and she has vision. Dionne captures portraits, weddings,
engagement pictures… and most importantly, she captures peace of mind.

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