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A nation divided – by Presidential Fatheads!

A Presidential Fathead is the DIFF!As our nation prepares to pick a new leader and the presidential campaigns become a big part of most of our lives (at least that’s pretty much all we’ll be hearing about for the next few months) – Fathead (a sister company of Quicken Loans) has launched perhaps its coolest Fatheads ever – life-size wall graphics of Barack Obama and John McCain.
Now you can decorate your home with your favorite presidential candidate.

Show your friends and neighbors which way the political winds blow in your home.

And think of the fun folks with split-party homes can have.  Mom displays her man proudly – a big ol’ John McCain adorns her study and she starts her day with a salute and a smile to her choice for the top job. Dad, on the other hand, is Barack all the way and he wears his Democratic Party allegiance on the wall of his man room. 

Kelly and Nicole battle over their favorite Presidential FatheadThe kids probably don’t care and like to switch Obama’s head with McCain’s body and get mom and dad all in a twitter. The fun and combinations are endless!

Since Fatheads are removable, mom and dad sometimes put them together on the same wall and then square off in a political battle of the nerves. Kelly and Nicole are sort of doing that in the pic on the left. At least you can get an idea of how you should properly display your presidential Fatheads and then have a stand-off – valiantly defending the name and honor of your favorite candidate.

So there it is. Your own presidential Fathead is just a click away and well worth every penny you’ll spend. In fact, Fathead is even having a voting contest right now to see which Presidential Fathead is the favorite. Right now, Barack is winning with 61% of the vote. I’m sure McCain supporters will have something to say about that! 

Peace to the Presidential FatheadsPlus you’ll get 10% off your Presidential Fathead when you vote. Not bad. In fact, we think that’s such a great idea that the IRS should consider giving us 10% off our income tax when we vote in the real election. That would be sweet!

Until that happens, I’ll just settle for voting for my favorite Presidential Fathead and getting my own Obama Fathead at 10% off. He’ll look so good on my living room wall!

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  1. I’ll be checking your living room walls the next time I pick u up for work. I better see one of them there!

    Posted by: Jen R | August 15, 2008
  2. I can’t be the only one who sees the irony in this: politicians as fatheads. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    Posted by: PJP | August 15, 2008
  3. These are cool. Of course if you want one of your local politician or even your kid, niece, nephew, etc. you can find them now at ThinTwin.com.

    Posted by: fayefaye123 | September 5, 2008
  4. Oh!! That’s wonderful… I like this Fathead new stuff… Obama wall image is looking nice!!

    Posted by: Harlow | December 23, 2008

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