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Clean diesel: for fuel economy, for the environment, for the future

Clean Diesel Calculator on the Quicken Loans blogHere’s another pitch from my good friend and favorite resident of Ypsilanti, MI – Charlie Kondek from MS&L Digital. I like Charlie for a number of good reasons, two being:

1) He’s the only white boy I’ve ever met that heard about and hung out at the long-defunct but legendary U.N. Club. The U.N. Club was one of the places that thrived during Detroit’s early Techno scene. Owner Maurice Malone left Detroit for New York after the U.N. Club closed and made himself one of the top names in urban fashion.

2) He makes my life easy by pitching me all these great posts for the Quicken Loans blog.

So this one is about clean diesel and how its great for many (as you can see by the post title it’s good for the economy, the environment and the future).  Here’s more from Charlie:

Ever wonder how much you could save by switching to a fuel-efficient clean diesel vehicle? Planning a vacation or a road trip? The Diesel Technology Forum (DTF) can help you calculate your potential savings.

This takes a little bit of calculating but the results are interesting. Visit DTF’s calculator.

Plug in the cost of regular gas in your area and the cost of diesel in your area. Plug in the MPG of your existing vehicle and the MPG of a new, comparable diesel vehicle. Plug in an estimate of how many miles you drive a year. You’ll see how much money you’d save by driving diesel, and we hope you’ll check out the rest of the site to learn more about this remarkable fuel, the technology that powers it, and its implications for the future. Here’s a good place to start.

Cool stuff:

Finally, there is a free webinar about diesel technology on September 10, 2008 that might be interesting. Here’s some more information on the clean diesel webinar.

That’s the pitch. Hope our DIFF readers learned a little about the benefits of clean diesel and I hope Charlie sends me some more content for the DIFF. Thanks Charlie!

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  1. My man, I’m so glad you are interested in this. Diesel technology really is “making the Diff.” Hope you and your readers check this out, there’s definitely a lot to learn.
    But I can’t believe you made the U.N. reference! Man, I gotta go listen to some old house music now.

    Posted by: Charlie | August 20, 2008
  2. The diesel industry demonstrated its ability to meet the technological and regulatory challenges of manufacturing trucks that produce up to 90% less emissions than the previous generation of diesels.

    Posted by: adrieldenzel | November 24, 2008
  3. H2O Car Conversions are becoming the craze in doubling your gas mileage. With the high price of gas and oil prices setting new records every day it is important to get a system that you can install yourself that will help you get great gas mileage.

    Posted by: Jessie.olivers | December 15, 2008
  4. But there is a brighter side to this fuel scarcity and higher price issue. Due to fuel emissions, our environment is so polluted today that it’s tough to get clean air minus any harmful chemicals.

    Posted by: Ricky Heden | October 6, 2009

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