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Kiss my Astra and win a free Astra!

Kiss My Astra on the Quicken Loans blogMy favorite martial artist Charlie Kondek over at MS&L Digital sent me another pitch for the DIFF. This time it’s for a contest from Saturn to win a free Saturn Astra.

You just have kiss one.

Hmmm. Ok.

Sounds easy enough to me. 

Here’s some info from Charlie:

I thought you or your readers might be interested in this: Saturns’s Kiss My Astra Contest currently running at:


Here’s the details: anyone in the U.S. can enter for a chance to win a
2008 Saturn Astra five-door XR. To enter, log on and upload a photo of
yourself kissing an Astra. Be sure to include a written description of
50 words or less.

The photo submission period ends September 6, 2008. Finalists (named by
a panel of judges) can recruit their friends and relatives to vote for
their photo beginning September 14, 2008. During this phase, voters can
also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win additional prizes.

There you go DIFF readers. It’s your chance to kiss some Astra and win a free Saturn!

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  1. This is a good idea. Toyota should have a contest called “Tickle my Toyota”

    Posted by: Downtown Donny | August 8, 2008
  2. Dangit, why don’t they just get the backbone to choose their own photo to win? Why must they insist on the voting thing? We all know it just becomes a popularity contest.
    I know we talked a lot about this for Quicken Loans contests, and always had a hard time with the voting aspect. It just seems so easy to cheat.
    Anyone remember the Battle of the Bands voting??

    Posted by: Christy | August 11, 2008
  3. Hey, I thought _I_ was your favorite martial artist! :-(

    Posted by: The DIFF Ninja | August 14, 2008
  4. DIFF Ninja, you are my favorite martial artist, silly! I was just being nice to Charlie, but the truth is, Kendo isn’t really a martial art anyway :) – just kidding all you kendo folks. Those bamboo sticks look very painful. Please don’t hit me with them. Anyway, how about Charlie is my favorite kendo martial artist and you are my favorite karate and judo martial artist!

    Posted by: Clayton | August 14, 2008

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