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Offbeat iReports – fun and amazing photos

CNN's Offbeat iReports has some amazing photosNothing like a great photo.

That’s why I love checking out Offbeat iReports fun and amazing photos.

All photos are user-submitted and "offbeat" – whatever that means.

But, wow, there are some GREAT photos here and I’m not sure why more folks aren’t buzzing about this series. This week the featured photo is a lizard in a swimming pool from Liz Sandoval (that is an awesome photo) and other photos include some great shots of Hawaii and a roller coaster at the California State Fair.

I wonder if someone from Quicken Loans can come up with a photo that could get featured here? I think getting featured here would be a huge honor for us. I’ll start spreading the word. You never know when you’ll end up on one of the world’s most popular websites.

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  1. cool lizard photo

    Posted by: Delicious Monster | November 22, 2008

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