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So, while I’m writing this, I’m actually waiting on hold to talk to – get this – a Cricket Corporate Internal Escalations Department Associate. A who? Yea, that’s what I thought too.

Cricket Wireless is a new cell phone provider who advertises cheap, unlimited calling plans throughout the U.S.  Apparently they are not fully staffed yet because I’ve been given three different automated numbers and have been transferred by the operator to FIVE different people (or to be entirely correct, people’s voicemail). I’m thinking my sixth time will be a charm.  I must say though, waiting in silence on hold for so far 27 minutes is not very charming at all.  They are lucky I’m not calling to purchase a phone because I would definitely be long gone and setting up my service with Verizon or Sprint by now.

The reason I am actually calling for is far more serious and frankly, very disturbing.  Last Saturday, someone used my credit card number to pay their Cricket cell phone bill of $150.  My original thought was that it was some super smart computer genius who hacked into my banking account.  Then I realized that this person was so smart as to pay their cell phone bill with it.  A cell phone bill that would be attached to their name, address, email or phone.

Ohhh…a Cricket Corporate Internal Escalations Department Associate named Earl finally picked up.  Let’s see what he has to say…

Basically he can’t help me.  There was nothing in their records under my name or soc.  They can look it up by my address, which the thief would’ve needed to use my credit card, but they can’t release the person’s information to me.  Not even the phone number he or she paid for with MY credit card!  The only positive thing Earl had to say was that if the account went delinquent, nothing would be recorded to the Credit Bureau.  Thanks Earl, that’s so comforting. Errr…this really frustrates me.

So, here are the things I learned in the last two hours:

1. Cricket Wireless has the worst customer service I’ve EVER encountered (yes, even worse than Comcast).
2. You are still at risk of having your identity stolen, even if you are a starving artist.
3. Never give yourself the title of a Corporate Internal Escalations Department Associate. 

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  1. Wow, thats bold because Comcast is pretty bad. I bet Expedia.com can beat you though. They hung up on my when I said someone used my credit card to make a purchase.

    Posted by: Kriste | August 4, 2008
  2. Did you call your credit card company? They won’t even mess with calling that place, they will just yank the funds out of their retailer account.

    Posted by: Mystery Poster | August 4, 2008
  3. Yes, it was actually my debit card and I did call my bank to get it taken care of. I was just a little freaked out thinking that someone might have used my name and soc to create an account with them. And to be completely honest, I would’ve loved to give that person a call on their phone number (that I paid for) to put a little scare in them!

    Posted by: Nicole Tongson | August 5, 2008
  4. inside of indian cricket,by a ranji trophy player himself,on this link

    Posted by: ankit | May 10, 2010

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