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Tripp Isenhour – pro golfer or pro scumbag?

I vote for pro scumbag.

I came across this yesterday on golf.com and it’s so ridiculous. In case you haven’t heard, pro golfer Tripp Isenhour got a little angry at a red-shouldered hawk that was making noise while he filmed an instructional video. Isenhour decided he’d had enough of the rude interruption and shot golf balls at it until he killed it.

He killed a protected species of bird because it had the nerve to sing and make noise while Isenhour was filming a video that nobody except him probably really cares about.

What an arse.

Birds like the one Isenhour killed are extremely beautiful and majestic. The thought of intentionally killing one over a golf video is insane.

According to golf.com, "Attorney David de Armas said Friday that Isenhour agreed to one year of supervised probation, four hours of anger management classes and 100 hours of community service. Forty hours must be performed at a wildlife or animal shelter. He also must pay a $500 fine."

Whatever. Doesn’t seem like much a lesson learned to me. I guess he apologized and claimed he didn’t mean to hurt the bird.

Maybe he can go sit in a tree and have other golf pros shot balls at him and when they hit him, they can claim they didn’t mean to hurt him.

Without question, Tripp Isenhour joins Michael Vick as "sports stars who are definitely NOT the DIFF!"

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  1. I’m not a very good golfer but I’ll gladly volunteer to throw some golf balls at him softball style =)

    Posted by: Kriste | September 5, 2008

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