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Carpooling saves and pays at Tropicana Field

Quicken Loans DIFF blog says the Tampa Bay Rays do parking right!! by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

By Jennifer Whiteaker

Expensive parking is almost a given at sporting events.  Sure, you can get cheaper parking if you want to park in a questionable dirt lot and walk a mile or two.  But to park near the stadium -  you’re going to pay!

At Comerica Park, you can park in the garage next to the stadium for $20.  The Tigers offer 17 categories of tickets and 7 of them are under $20.  What does that mean for the Tiger fans?  You could quite possibly pay more for parking than you did for your ticket to the game.

So what is different from Detroit and Tampa Bay besides the weather?  The Tampa Bays Rays decided to go green this season.  “All vehicles with four or more passengers get FREE parking at all home games in 2008. For vehicles with fewer than four passengers, parking will cost $10. The Rays will also offer parking in remote lots for $5.”  What a great idea to encourage carpooling, help the environment, and save the consumer a little bit.

Maybe Quicken Loans Arena will be next….let’s hope this idea catches on around the country!

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  1. It does help that they only draw about 10K per game. Parking isn’t at the same premium as it is for other sports teams.

    Posted by: Frank the Tank | September 8, 2008
  2. I wonder if there’s more parking around the tampa arena too. That’s the really bummer about Comerica Park – downtown is SO busy in that area. But it would be really cool if they did the discount if you carpool in any of the company owned lots.

    Posted by: Jen R | September 8, 2008

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