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Circuit City beats so-called Best Buy

So, we figured the best way to spend our holiday weekend was to spend $1500 on a new 42" LCD flat screen TV. Sure, we need other household items more like say, dishes, silverware, a new bed, sofas and a new kitchen table. But sometimes, even as grown-ups, "id" conquers "ego"… to the tune of a very expensive purchase.

We shopped around. At least we had the wherewithal to do that. Finding the best selection at Circuit City and Best Buy we compared the two places. Circuit City won. Why? Well, first, they had the lowest price on the model we were looking at (a Samsung that won Consumer Report’s "Best Buy"). On top of that lowest price, they saw we were hesitant so the salesperson took another 10% off the price of the TV.

That’s $150 that we could definitely use. Best Buy didn’t empower their employees to do that. The salesperson was also simply friendlier. Sure the Best Buy expert was informative, and knew a lot… a smile can go a long way. I never saw the Best Buy girl smile. Ever. And, they offered the same deal that Best Buy did: 3 years same as cash.

Additionally, the return policy was great. No "open box fee" for Circuit City. 30-day return policy. I think Best Buy charges an open box fee if you return the item.

Bottom line: Shop around, then land at Circuit City.

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  1. …Or go to ABC Warehouse, pick up an XBR series Sony Bravia, negotiate and get a sweet TV for cheaper. I’m just saying…

    Posted by: Mystery Poster | September 2, 2008
  2. You should have called Edson McLean:
    He could have got you a good deal. Of course, you would have to drive to Minneapolis to pick it up.

    Posted by: Matt | September 5, 2008
  3. i work at best buy and the only reason why the sales person at circuit city 10% off the tv is becuase the tv was more then likely a deleted model from samsung. Also there is actually no restocking fee at best buy and we give also 30 day return policy. but i bet you got a great buy but when your tv breaks or you need something fixed and circuit city isnt there anymore becuase they are closing down tons of stores you will be buying your next tv at best buy. plus i cant even remember samsung even making a 42” lcd tv.

    Posted by: bob | September 7, 2008
  4. Thanks for the feedback. That should tell you how much I know about TVs. It’s actually a 46″ Samsung LCD. Series 5 (550). I can’t say that I know whether it was a “deleted” model, but I do know Samsung does offer a more recent and more expensive model which was out of our price range. So we were looking at the same mid-level model at both Best Buy and Circuit City…comparing apples to apples.
    True, I can’t be positive that this item carried an “open package” fee at Best Buy, however, some computer accessories I bought there in the past did. I was unaware that Circuit City was closing stores…but I suppose it’s a sign of people cutting back on luxury items. If CC closes all their doors, hopefully Samsung will take care of repairs for a price. The salesperson we spoke with at Best Buy said we’d have to purchase a separate plan in order to get longterm technical support (something about calibration) which was out of our price range anyway. So, in summary, you have some good points. I can only speak purely on price for this particular Samsung model.

    Posted by: Meghan | September 7, 2008
  5. Oh– And to the note on ABC Warehouse… I know! We wanted to go to ABC Warehouse because we knew we could negotiate there, but we couldnt find a store anywhere close to where we were shopping. Such a bummer.

    Posted by: Meghan | September 7, 2008

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