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Ford & GM: True Sportsmanship

Happy 100th Birthday to GM from Quicken Loans by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

Let’s get something straight: I’m from a Ford family. My Dad has worked at Ford for over 30 years. As a family, we’ve owned a long line of Explorers, Rangers, Fusions, Escorts, Mustangs and Tauruses. Even a couple Mercury/Mazda/Lincoln vehicles in there, most recently with my Dad’s gorgeous new MKS.

But even I, from time to time, can appreciate a fire-engine red Corvette or even all the buzz about the new Chevy Volt. And now we can see that Ford itself both respects and appreciates GM too.

I first saw this on Scott Monty’s blog (head of social media at Ford), then followed the links to Jalopnik. In one of the coolest, classiest moves I’ve seen between competitors, Ford took the time last night to strategically close only some of their window blinds, leaving behind an illuminated "Happy 100 GM" on Ford’s world headquarters in Dearborn.

Maybe a small gesture, but in this belt-tightened economy, it’s good to know that two 100+ year old institutions respect each other enough to make any gesture at all. The city of Detroit may have a struggle ahead, but if we all work together, it’ll make the hill that much easier to climb.

So, nice touch, Ford. And GM – have a wonderful 100th birthday! Quicken Loans is just a kid (23 years) compared to you wise old owls, but here’s to many, many more!

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