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Most delayed airlines and airports, from CNN Money

Quicken Loans reports most delayed airlines and airports from CNN Money by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

Compliments of CNN Money comes this handy little post, ranking the most delayed airlines and airports. Sometimes you can’t avoid visiting a certain airport, but you can certainly have choices when it comes to airlines.

Oddly, it found that our local airport, the lovely Detroit Metro, is ranked the 2nd most on time airport. I’m sure some local Quicken Loans team members would beg to differ…

Without further adieu:

"A study from research group FlightStats found that JetBlue Airways was one of the most-delayed airlines in August, while Northwest Airlines had one of the best track records for being on time.

JetBlue (JBLU) flights arrived on-time 64.7% of the time in August, FlightStats said on Wednesday. This was the worst percentage among the leading airlines.

Only one carrier had a worse record: Freedom Airlines, a subsidiary of Mesa Air Group (MESA), with an on-time arrival rate of 58.1%

Northwest Airlines (NWA, Fortune 500) was the top-performer among the leading carriers, with an on-time arrival record of 85.3% in August, FlightStats said. Four regional carriers had a better rate, with Hawaiian Airlines taking the lead with an on-time arrival record of 91%.

The industry average for being on-time was 77.3%, according to FlightStats.

Among airports in North America, FlightStats found that Salt Lake City
International was the most efficient, with an on-time arrival rate of
87.3% in August. Detroit Metro was second-best, with a success rate of

Three of the bottom four airports in terms of on-time arrivals were in the New York City area, according to the research group.

John F. Kennedy International came in dead last, with an on-time
arrival rate of 55.2%. Newark Liberty International, with an on-time
rate of 64.2%, and LaGuardia Airport, at 64.5%, were the third and
fourth worst airports for timely arrivals. Miami International was the
second worst, with 64% of flights arriving on time in August.

The on-time average for North American airports was 76.5%."

What do you think? Any personal experiences that agree or disagree with the article?

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