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The Today Show is in Detroit today!

The Today Show is in DetroitIt’ s not often that something as big as the Today Show comes to Detroit. Wow, Ann Curry and Al Roker broadcasting from the D.

So I figured it’s worth a mention. If you are one of our Detroit area readers, you probably think this is cool. If you’re not, well, just be happy you have better things to be excited about than we do.

Anyhow, the Today Show came to Detroit as part of NBC’s “Battlegrounds” – a four-state road tour in places that will be key to the presidential election. The program was broadcast each day live from
a different city: Philadelphia, Tampa, Norfolk, and finally
Detroit – one day before the first Presidential debate.

Detroit’s segment featured Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as well as  a story about hockey moms and how important they’ll be as voters in the upcoming election.

It’s nice for Detroit to be in the national eye for some reason other than our former mayor.

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