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Undecided? Finding Truthful Sources in Campaign Season

Quicken Loans - Where can you find unbiased facts this election season?Stakes are high, and emotions are close to the surface. Pretty much EVERYONE has an opinion about who you should vote for. So what if you are one of the estimated 18% of undecided voters this election season? Where can you turn for unbiased information? We’ve all heard, "You can’t trust the media." So what sources CAN you trust to find facts?

As people eagerly await the debates this week to help them decide how to vote, there are Internet sites that can help you sift through the misinformation.  Try these two Web applications – both unaffiliated with any political party. They could help you determine how your concerns line up with the candidate’s platforms.

Glassbooth – Weigh the key issues according to their importance to you, then answer a few questions.  Glassbooth will return a sort of compatibility report to show you how your answers match up with each candidate. It’s kind of like Internet dating, but without the awkwardness.

How will your taxes change? – Let’s face it, many people vote with their pocketbooks. This site provides a tax calculator based on the public statements of the Republican and Democratic candidates and their advisers, available through the Tax Policy Center (and links to the center so you can verify for yourself).  The simple calculator takes your filing status, how many people are in your family, and your yearly income and returns your personalized change in taxes according to each cadidate’s proposal. Check it out – you might be surprised. 

And if you’re already decided, maybe you can help your friends who are on the fence (or persuadable) by giving them these tools, rather than beating them down with your opinion!

Unbiased information: That’s the Diff! 

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