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Quicken Loans allows me to finally recycle my stuff

Quicken Loans celebrates Green Week with recyclingLiving in Detroit, I don’t have those fancy green bins to store all my recyclables in and then put them out on my curb each week for municipal pickup.

We don’t have recycling service. We might, one day, but for now, it’s either throw it all away or find some volunteer group that takes recycling. There is a group a few miles from me called Rosedale Recycles and I’ve taken my stuff over that numerous times.

The problem is that they only have collection days once a month and that means storing recyclables in my house for an entire month and then hoping I can get over there on the one day they operate. That used to be a problem.

Not anymore.

Now I can take my recyclable stuff – everyday if I want – to Quicken Loans.

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Dan Gilbert’s new financial bailout rescue plan – CNBC @ 4:30 pm

Typically we never use the Quicken Loans DIFF blog for mortgage stuff. Yes, it’s what we do here at Quicken Loans, but if you’re a regular reader, you know we’re much more than that.

But today is DIFFerent. Our chairman, Dan Gilbert, will be presenting our version of a financial bailout rescue plan for Closing Bell on CNBC today at 3:15pm 4:30 pm. We’ve got a fresh take (one we feel works better) on what should happen to help the economy and Dan is ready to share it with the world. So please tune into CNBC at 3:15 4:30 if you can.

If you can’t get to the tube at that time, you can read about it in the Detroit Free Press today. If you like what you hear/read, tell everyone you know. And it they like it, keep it rolling. That is how we make a DIFFerence.

As always, if you’ve got questions or comments, our ears are open at the DIFF.

Editor’s update: If you missed the show, here’s the video of Dan Gilbert discussing his financial bailout rescue plan from CNBC

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