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3 reasons why Mark Stevens (author of Your Marketing Sucks) is the DIFF

Mark Stevens is the DIFF on the Quicken Loans blogby Regis Hadiaris

If you’re into Marketing or Sales, and you haven’t read any of the books by Mark Stevens, you are in for a treat.  My copy of Mark’s most popular book, "Your Marketing Sucks," is the most dog-eared, highlighted, and re-read book in my library.  Mark is a big proponent of a  dangerous idea that marketing should be about making money, not spending it!

I recently sat down with Mark to discuss unconventional thinking and leadership with him.  Not only did Mark open my eyes to what an amazing invention the mortgage is, he also shared lots of actionable ideas for leaders. 

Here are three of my favorite comments from Mark, all of which demonstrate his commitment to exposing the difference between average and excellent every single day:

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“A Solution That Works” and how you can help

Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert's Housing Proposal - "A Solution That Works" and how you can help by whatsthediffblog, on Flickr

So you read about the housing proposal from our Chairman. And you agree. But what next? How can you help us get it passed into law?

There’s a couple fresh new efforts we’ve started since our last post here on the DIFF. Here’s a few places you can find us now:

1) Dan has a personal blog! ChooseThinking.com is the place to find new thoughts from the man himself.

2) A Solution That Works is on Twitter. Everybody’s tweeting….even my Mom is on Twitter. You may have already heard about our Quicken Loans Twitter or Quizzle Twitter accounts before, but to help spread the word of our fantastic housing proposal, you can follow @ASolution for updates to our progress.

3) I started a Facebook group! We’ve got 205 members (and counting) in less than 36 hours. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you should get one. Then you can join our group and start stalking all those bullies from high school. I mean, uhhh….reconnect with friends. To join our group, just search "A Solution That Works" on Facebook and we’ll be the first result. Or you can friend me and I’ll invite you to the party.

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